Thursday, 6 September 2012

Personal Project - Pearl Concepts

I have started a personal project which is based loosely on the story of Hasel and Gretel, however it is set in kenya. She is basically Gretel. I quite like her design, however I still need to explore further with the final painted style. Have not quite found something I like yet.


  1. hey Heather, your work is awesome!

    I like your idea of doing Hansel and Gretel in Africa.
    I really like the final design for the girl, but maybe she could be a bit more feisty. I think she is a little bit too cute and polished, I think she needs a bit of edge to her.
    Maybe see what her eyes look like slightly smaller.
    Out of the coloured designs I really like the second one, the texture in her is a nice touch and the colour of the dress I think really works.

    Hope that was a little bit helpful.

  2. Hey Mark, thanks for the feedback.

    Its good to get an outside opinion. You and Toby both seem to like the same one :) I am struggling a bit on deciding what colour I want her dress and I agree the yellow works better as she might blend into the dry grass with the cream dress. However I feel I'm leaning more towards a 3D approach to the final paintings as I want something completely different to the flat style of Holy Sheep for my portfolio.

    Thanks again :)