Sunday, 7 July 2013

Plein air painting 02

Since we have been having some really great weather I went out yesterday day morning to do some outdoor oil painting near my back garden. I tried to work more thinly with the paint at the start this time as I started off too thick with my first plein air painting making it tricky to add in the lighter tones on top. I had a lot of fun painting this as I had a better understanding of the medium, but I still need loads of practice. Since the whole week is going to be great weather I will take advantage of this to do as many paintings as I can :)


  1. Great stuff Heather, and those aketches too! Looking forward to more! If I try for that 5am light, I'll let you know :]
    Lovely to catch up on Friday, all the best.

  2. Thanks Francis :) Yeah you should definitly give that a go. Painting outdoors is really fun and it forces you to work faster and not worry about details as the light changes quickly.
    Was great to see see you too!