Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Speed paintings

I recently join a group on Facebook called daily spitpaint, where you have to do a 30min painting based on a various themes of the day. I decided to join as I felt I needed to improve on my concept and speed painting skills. So here are my first weeks attempt at this and I can already feel my painting speed improving. Order starting from the more recent to my very first attempt.

Umbrellas and chain lightning

Hidden treasure

 That thing in the fridge

Statue of mushrooms

 Near future pickup truck

 Day 1 - Mark of the wolf


  1. Mark of the wolf! Yeah! That looks awesome! Sweet composition, great use of lighting in the dark, great atmosphere and implied story. Now you've got me wanting to do some of that spit paint business. Thanks!

  2. Thanks the great comment Matt. Yeah you definitely should try some spitpainting, It really gets you to think fast when getting an idea down. Its a group on facebook called Daily spitpaint. Have fun.